One Gripper universal seat cover | Green (KAWASAKI)
One Gripper universal seat cover | Green (KAWASAKI)

One Gripper universal seat cover | Green (KAWASAKI)

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OneGripper ™ is a revolutionary seat cover for motocross and enduro. It has been tested by some of the best drivers in the world and has passed various tests and tests among the most extreme in the industry. OneGripper guarantees extreme sealing in all weather conditions, maximum durability, total waterproofing and maximum comfort on the bike.

One Gripper Features and Benefits:

• Socket. Maximum grip in all conditions, making the rider sit better, preventing tired arms and thus providing a more relaxed ride. Save energy until the end of the race.

• Waterproof. 100% waterproof, thus extending the life of the cushion by keeping the foam dry while driving. The seat cover is also very easy to clean.

• Duration. A mix of durable materials creates a lifespan up to 2 or 3 times longer than other covers on the market. No seams or folds that usually break.

• Power. Offering maximum grip, you save energy and the seat cover lasts longer. Just focus on driving, not on tired arms!

• One size fits all 900x400mm - Cut off excess material.




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